Monday, November 29, 2010


My good friend posts every Sunday a link...called Postsecrets. It's a collection of postcards from people with their secrets, and tonight was the first time I checked it out. I couldn't stop reading them. Each one different about love, life, failures, religion and well secrets. It fascinates me knowing what each person is thinking, or has thought about. Each person something different and yet some of them have crossed my mind. It was kind of reassuring that I'm not alone, or that I am not the only person with secrets. We go through life with blinders on, well at least I do thinking that I'm all alone and no one understands. Some secrets can't be shared afraid of judgement. I've always wondered looking at a person in the store, or passing a stranger if they had a secret what it would be.  Amazing that we get to have our own thoughts, and whether we share them with anyone or not is our choice. But if anyone that reads this has a secret they want to share I'd love to hear it JUDGEMENT FREE. We are human.

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  1. Well, you already know all of my secrets-

    I like Post Secret too. I visit that site atleast monthly :).