Monday, November 29, 2010


My good friend posts every Sunday a link...called Postsecrets. It's a collection of postcards from people with their secrets, and tonight was the first time I checked it out. I couldn't stop reading them. Each one different about love, life, failures, religion and well secrets. It fascinates me knowing what each person is thinking, or has thought about. Each person something different and yet some of them have crossed my mind. It was kind of reassuring that I'm not alone, or that I am not the only person with secrets. We go through life with blinders on, well at least I do thinking that I'm all alone and no one understands. Some secrets can't be shared afraid of judgement. I've always wondered looking at a person in the store, or passing a stranger if they had a secret what it would be.  Amazing that we get to have our own thoughts, and whether we share them with anyone or not is our choice. But if anyone that reads this has a secret they want to share I'd love to hear it JUDGEMENT FREE. We are human.

Monday, November 22, 2010


So the "holidays" are here. I have to say that Christmas is not one of my favorites I used to HATE Christmas! It has gotten a little easier with help from my husband and kids. Beau makes sure EVERY year that we have a Christmas...he works so hard for us and I am so grateful. The look on Isaac's face is priceless the magic of Santa Claus. There's nothing like putting in a Christmas movie, snuggled up in our bed, snow falling outside, enjoying the quiet before the excitement of Christmas morning arrives. I can't help think of the less fortunate, so  we have been working on giving as well. I will always want him to know how important it is to give and not just receive. Santa also helps keeps Isaac doing what he's supposed to do. I know I'm a terrible mom threatening to call Santa if he disobeys but for 2-3 months or more a year a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do. I hate that Beau usually works Christmas Eve, or Christmas day, or BOTH. But if it weren't for him I don't know what we'd do. He is an amazing father and husband.
Thanksgiving is in.....2 days yes I am counting down! Beau has another talent that I am grateful for, he is an amazing cook and LOVES to cook his own turkey. I help with the other stuff but his turkeys are unbelievably good!! So I am counting down to a day off with my wonderful husband, kids, and lots of good food. I have a lot to be grateful for. So..... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Out.....

Lately I feel like I should be distancing myself more and more from people. No matter how hard I try to please people it's not enough, or not the right thing. I keep trying to make people happy because it makes me happy to know I have helped someone or brightened their day. It seems it has gotten harder and harder to do. I am frustrated and worn out. I'm broken and bruised. I wear a plastic smile quite well. No one would see the defeat.  I feel selfish for even writing about it, but I have finally reached that limit. So I am apologizing in advance if I haven't been able to be the person, friend, sister, daughter, wife, or mom you've needed. I'm sorry if what you've needed from me isn't or wasn't good enough. I don't want a pity trip either. But  I am going taking a second even if it's A second.... to breathe. I can't keep giving and be left standing alone. Pieces of me have been taken and there's no one around. Maybe I'm expecting too much, setting myself up for failure. I know I'll soon be fine, but for now I need some time....for me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


ugh even sayin the word makes my stomach turn. I wish it wasn't even an issue. People say just be happy with who you are and I am until I see a really cute pair of jeans or shirt that doesn't come in my size or when I go shopping and go to put on the size I usually buy and they don't fit! This topic is so hard for me all my life I have struggled with my weight (as many girls do) and I look back now and think how stupid I was complaining that I was 130 lbs! I thought that was fat! I have had two kids and haven't lost any 'baby weight' and I have no motivation to go to a gym for hours, or suffer the pain of working out. It doesn't help that there is soo much good food out there and ALL of it is bad for you. I don't want to count calories or carbs. I want a quick fix and I'm not afraid to admit it.
My latest struggle is that I smoked for a good 10 years or longer and I finally quit, it was hard and now the next demon is coke ( the sweet fizzy caffeine sugar filled drink) I could drink coke all day forget boring water! I can't give it up! I am going to put in my will that I want to be hooked up to an I.V. with coke and I would be happy. So if anyone has any suggestions or has had the same problem, I'm all ears!!
Now onto the part about what to eat.... my brain cannot process eating a head of lettuce all day every day. Also I CANNOT cook! So trying to figure out what is healthy to cook (if a got a chance to cook, every time I have tried I swear Kaylee knows and cries the whole time) is a challenge in it self. I was blessed and cursed with a husband that is an AWESOME  cook I tease him that it's his fault I gained weight. I don't care to pay attention to serving sizes, carbs, calories, or fat content. When I go to eat I want something that is good and i will eat til I'm full, that's all I'm worried about. Oh and also how fast I can eat it before someone needs something or starts cryin. So I guess until I find a miracle drug out there, can afford a surgery, and finally get to that 'can't take it anymore' place.....I will continue to ride this roller coaster of content and misery. All I ask is that you love me for me and not my pant size.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Does Everyone Have Money Troubles.....?

I wonder if everyone has money problems (besides the rich obviously). Is it just us? I keep putting out in the universe that we will be financially free one day, (if you have ever heard about 'the secret')(trying to believe in it at the same time) then you know what I mean. I have boodah's throughout the house, etc. I don't expect things to just fall out of the sky and no we don't budget like we should so I KNOW IT'S OUR FAULT. We get into these modes where you go to the store and REALLY need something that you probably shouldn't get a just say screw it I'm getting it anyway. I don't want fancy cars, a mansion, or designer clothes. I don't care about getting my nails done, or going to the salon every month. I just want to be comfortable...meaning you have a major car repair or house repair I would like to know that we could pay it and be ok. I don't want people calling all day threatening to take you to court, and not having to figure out how to cut your own hair because it's been a year since the last time you went, food or diapers. I just wonder how everyone else doesn't seem to have this problem. Where did we go wrong in the beginning. I don't envy anyone else because you never know what goes on behind the doors and someone else might be going through a different kind of problem. One day our day will come and I will look back and be grateful for what I was taught through all of this and will be able to really appreciate where we have come from. Please let it come fast though!!! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Poem

The sun shined you to me

The wind took you away from me

Left unconsious and torn

I searched through the unknown

Alone, the darkness consumed

Tearning me down

Almost defeated

The sound of my slow heart beat

Throbbing in my ears

Unwilling to succumb

Determined and resilient

I conquered the unconquerable

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lately I have been going back and forth on what I want to do for a career. I never really put much thought into what the future would hold as a teenagerkinda been a "go with the flow" person. In high school they'd try and get you to think about what you would want to do when you "grow up", well I was too busy with not caring or taking them serious. Here I am 27 without a good work history. I've worked mostly in bakeries and I enjoyed it, I wanted to get into decorating cakes. That never really worked out. Then I've thought about being a social worker or helping teenagers, as bad as it sounds I don't want to go to school for the next ten years! And I don't know if I could handle seeing some of the conditions that kids are in. I wanted to join the military...but leaving my family would be devastating for me. I wouldn't mind being a Police Officer but...when I think of the pros and cons the cons win...being shot at, or losing control of a situation...terrifying. My last interest is being a make-up artist I can barely do my own want to learn though but is there a demand for it? Would I even make any money doing it without moving to the east or west coast? Ugh...Poor Beau has to listen to my ever changing mind. I just haven't found that one thing that says YES!!! THAT'S IT!!! I'm going to have to go back to work and I am not looking forward to going to a minimum wage, crap job.